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Large house with a less homely feel

3 out of 5 overall


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Safety and comfort of the area

3 stars


Availability of spaces to park

3 stars

Nearby Shops

Quantity and quality of grocery and retail stores

5 stars

Transport Links

Access to buses, trains or bikes for-hire

4 stars


Quality of nearby bars, clubs or pubs

3 stars

Local facilities

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3 stars

Posted 26 Aug 2018


Close to shops such as tesco, sainsburys
Cool conservatory area- nice communal space
Close to the beach
Close to bus stop for transport
The house is far away from university
Does not feel homely
Perhaps in need of another shower room
Advice to readers
Rooms would get cold in winter, perhaps by a portable heater
Underneath there is a basement flat- be careful of noise

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